Make the U.S. the World’s Leader in Reversing Human-Caused Climate Change

Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is also a national-security, economic, public-health, and equity issue. In fact, human-caused climate change is the defining issue of our time, due to its serious and worsening impacts. But right now in America, our generation has a unique opportunity to start changing our collective behaviors to slow and even reverse it.

The human causes of climate change are well-documented:

  1. carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels
  2. methane from livestock and fossil-fuel industry
  3. nitrous oxide from agricultural, industrial, and fossil-fuel-burning activities
  4. fluorinated gases from industrial processes and air conditioning systems

The theory that climate change is now primarily a result of human activity is more solidly agreed to by climate scientists than is the ‘smoking causes cancer’ theory agreed to by health scientists.

The eventual catastrophic effects of climate change, if left to continue unabated, have also been well-documented:

  1. hundreds of millions of people forced to move from low-lying homes\
  2. thousands of coastal cities requiring multi-billion dollar flood control infrastructure
  3. vast increases in energetic weather systems including hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes
  4. massive heat waves causing widespread human and cattle deaths
  5. desertification of large swaths of productive farmland leading to the possibility of global food shortages
  6. ongoing extinction of many plants and animals unable to cope with rapidly-changing habitats
  7. plummeting viability of oceans, lakes, and rivers to support aquatic flora and fauna, due to ocean acidification and invasive species

That the science of climate change has been twisted into a partisan issue for almost two decades in the United States is a very sad commentary on the disability of our Great Democratic Experiment to mobilize popular support for addressing monumental issues. All Republican, Democrat, and independent voters should understand that some government regulation is necessary for the protection of our nation’s security, economy, and health. Providing these protections for the long run requires that we squarely and urgently address the climate change challenge.

Having repeatedly proven that climate change is primarily caused by humans, climate scientists are now collectively calling on global leaders to take action against this scourge.

We, the people of the United States, therefore call on President Trump to:

  1. Reinstate and update the President’s Climate Action Plan, to spur reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for climate change impacts, and to lead international efforts on combating climate change.
  2. Preserve the EPA, and allow them to do their job, in protecting the waters, air, and people of the United States. This includes regulating greenhouse gas emissions, in conjunction with the 2022-2025 automobile standards.
  3. Use climate change as a lens when making decisions for our country. Don’t pit economic development against environmental protection – many countries today have exposed this false dichotomy; both goals are achievable.
  4. Increase investments in public/private research and development for innovative technologies to reduce and/or capture the emissions causing climate change.
  5. Negotiate a deal with other countries to strengthen and extend the Paris Climate Agreement, by implementing worldwide greenhouse-gas taxes, and/or a cap-and-trade system.

We certainly owe it to all future generations of Americans to address this issue today from a federal, state, and local government perspective, from the perspective of private industry, and as individuals, families, and social or religious groups making decisions every day. The future health, safety, and welfare of all Americans are truly at stake.

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